Meet Our Coaches!

We are the faces of CrossFit Kalgoorlie. From Coaches all the way through to  Personal Trainers and Instructors. All of our Coaches have their First Aid and are qualified in their fields. 


Kaye Brock

Head Coach & Affiliate Owner

Kaye is a rare gem that Kalgoorlie doesn't deserve. This lovely lady is the most down to earth human being you will ever meet. 

Kaye does everything! WOD Programming, Nutrition Plans, Measurements, Personal Training sessions, even training people out on mine sites; there is nothing she can not do.  

But don't let her innocent smile fool you. This little pocket rocket knows how to hit you where it hurts (even with a smile on her face too).


CrossFit Level 2

Diploma in Fitness - Fitness Specialist

Certificate III Fitness - Gym Instructor

Certificate IV Fitness - Personal Trainer

Certificate IV Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition Advisor

Level 1 Sports Trainer

Firm Foundations Trained

Currently studying Certificate IV Allied Health OT assistant


Currently Studying CrossFit Level 1



Tyson has been with CrossFit Kalgoorlie since it began. Why? Because his mum runs the show! That's right Tyson is one of Kaye's sons. 

Tyson is a great vibe. If you love a good old banter and enjoy working out, he is the coach to go to!





Chaise can be described as a ninja. Some days you see him, some days you don't. 

Chaise fell in love with CrossFit the moment his mum opened the gym. It wasn't by choice but it was a great decision as it led to him doing even more training in CrossFit. 


CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Scaling Trained



CrossFit Kids Coach

Amy first started CrossFit in 2016 and has never looked back. She loved it that much that she went and got her Level 1 CrossFit Certificate and is now our main CrossFit Kids Coach. 

This mama of four is energetic, has a bubbly personality and can make any kid learn to love fitness and CrossFit. 


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Kids / Teens Coach

Currently Studying:

 - Bachelor in Nursing


Yoga Instructor

Hayley has been doing CrossFit since it had began in Kalgoorlie. She trains super hard and is always welcoming no matter where you see her. 

The best part about having this super twin in our facility is that she knows which muscles need a good stretching during your Yoga session. 


Vinyasa Yoga Instructor


- CrossFit Level 1 



Branca is one of our newest additions to the CrossFit Coaching gang! By receiving her CrossFit Level 1 at the end of May 2021, This Brazilian superstar is always a delight to see. 

The best part about Branca, is that she will come in earlier to do the WOD before she coaches the WOD.  Its great having her on our team!




Certificate III Fitness - Gym Instructor

Certificate IV Fitness - Personal Trainer

Level 1, 2 and Advanced Kettlebell Trained

Level 1 and 2 Thump Boxing Certified

Certified Les Mills Body Combat Instructor

Zumba Certified 

CrossFit Level 1 Trained

Currently Studying:

 - Bachelor in Clinical Chiropractic

Serena - Ethel

Coach / Personal Trainer

Owner of SEAK Fitness Personal Training, Serena has recently returned to her second home CrossFIt Kalgoorlie. 

You may not see her when you walk into the gym, but you will be able to hear her! This loud, bubbly and vibrant soul, can talk your ear off without even trying. 

Not only will you learn to enjoy your session with her, you will also understand why she enjoys coaching you so much. 




Personal Trainer

Owner of Australian Primal PT, Meagan is another great Personal Trainer and Coach our facility has been so grateful to gain. 


This beautiful soul makes sure she's the first to say hi when she sees you and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Whether is it to hang a super high banner or to get you closer to your body goals, Meagan can help you!


She's full of knowledge and can help anyone achieve their goals. You only need to ask. 


Currently studying CrossFit Level 1

Certificate IV - Personal Trainer

Certified H&F Flexibility, Calisthenics & Plyometrics - Alison

ASFA Certified Self Defense Instructor

ASFA Certified Advanced Kettlebell Instructor

ASFA Advanced Sports Nutrition