and Prices

CrossFit Kalgoorlie / Kal Active has membership prices like no other. Some will say that they're too cheap, others will say that it's not enough. But most people will agree that what we ask of you is nothing compared to what you get in return. 

So take a look at our membership prices. If you choose to sign up with us, you only need to come into CrossFit so that we can get the ball rolling. 


FOR ANYONE WANTING TO TRY A NEW SESSION, Please click the button above. It will take you to the page to pre-fill out before you arrive to a session. 

To our current members, if you have not already done so, please download the new app "ClubFit" and follow these steps below:

1. Press "Register Now".

2. Search for our club "Kal Active".

3. Create an Account with the email you have given us. 

4. Enter all of your details where asked too. 

Once you have completed these, please book your sessions that you would like to attend under "Book Class". If you wish to attend the Open gym, click on "Book class" then change the setting from "Group fitness to "Open Gym Floor". 

Please RSVP via app. 


This membership is designed to help those who can't make our gym hours. It is based around helping all of the people who are time poor, not confident to step foot into a gym and for those who generally want an at home program. In this membership you will receive:

- An Initial Consult teaching you how to workout from home

- Measurements and Skin Folds to help keep you accountable

- Weekly Workout Programs tailored to you, your goals and your equipment range

- Access to our exclusive range of exercise videos teaching you how to perform all exercises from home



This membership type will give you full access to our facility. Use the open gym area, attend a yoga or zumba class without having to worry about limited sessions. Whatever you choose to do, you can! (Membership is paid via direct debit. Paying by cash per month is a $150 per month membership).   



Our FIFO membership type is not just for the shift workers. It can also be for anyone who wants to start slow. As a result, everyone who signs up for this membership will be limited to only 12 sessions throughout the month. Sessions include: yoga, zumba and the open gym area. Any sessions over the 12 sessions in the month will be charged an extra $20 per session.   

(This membership price is via direct debit. If paying by cash, you will be paying a total of $105).



Coming to Kalgoorlie to visit family during the school holidays? Just stopping by before you head to another nearby town? This is the option for you. Whether you are new to our facility or a previous member returning, this is the option for you if you wish to train for the whole week. 

2021-09-20 09.23.35.jpg


Now that you have done your first session for free, this is the alternative if you choose not to have a membership. Our $20 per session casual rate has never changed. No added fee or hidden fees. You simply pay $20 every time you choose to come in and train. 

2021-09-16 18.03.48.jpg


You read it right! Your first session is FREE! We aim to keep your first session free as a way for you to come and try. So if you want to try with a friend, bring a family member or even drag your partner through our very doors, now you can! We want you to try and see if this place is for you. We understand that CrossFit isn't for everyone, hence why if you choose to try it out, this is the perfect suggestion for you. 

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