Food! Just what your body needs!

Fresh Produce

Food provides nutrients.

The right nutrients give us energy and allow the body to function;

breathe, digest food, keep warm, provide metabolism for growth and repair,

and to provide a healthy immune system.

It makes sense to tailor our food for what our body needs!

We now provide Nutrition Services from our own qualified Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionist and Nutrition Advisor. 

Our services include:

  • Meal Planning 

  • Check Ins 

  • Food Diary Analysis

  • Recipes

  • Compliance & Accountability

Take the hard work out of being nutritionally healthy and let us do it for you, whilst teaching you how to maintain it permanently!

Cookies and Walnuts

Initial Consultation
This service includes:

  • Food Diary analysis

  • Calorie, fluid, macro & fibre breakdown

  • Check in, Accountability & Motivation

  • Measurements & Skinfolds

  • Meal plan

  • Recipe Book

  • Goal Setting


Follow Up Consultation


This service Includes:

  • Recipe Book

  • Check in, Accountability check

  • New Meal Plan

  • Diary Analysis

Chia Pudding

Check In's


This service includes:

  • Food Diary analysis

  • Measurements & Skin Folds

Pink Food

Food Diary Analysis Only


This service includes:

  • Current Food Content Analysis

  • Current consumption of fluid, macro's & fibre

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