$180 Per Month

Tired of eating way too little calories only to go on a weekend binge? Want to eat healthy but don't know where to start? Tired of trying a Fitness Influencers workout and diet routine? Every body needs to eat which is why we have created a nutritional membership to help teach you how to throw out the old habits and create new ones. Nutrition is the most important part in creating a healthier option in your life. Why? because if there isn't a balance in your food intake, you will suffer. 

We want to educate you by bringing to light the possibility of eating a balanced meal instead of depriving your body of the food it craves and desires. With a qualified and registered Nutritionist, Nutrition Advisor & Sports Nutritionist.

This membership includes:

- An initial consult that focuses on building a relationship between you and us and to get your starting measurements and skinfolds.

- Weekly check ins with a coach of your choice.

- A food analysis that teaches you exactly how everything should be broken down.

- Monthly measurements and skin folds to help keep you accountable

- Calorie, Fluid intake and MacroNutrient breakdown

- Unlimited access to our facility, WOD sessions, Open Gym Floor and Other Classes.

What are you waiting for?! Sign on up today! 

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