• Kaye Brock

Thought about Meal Planning?

So your workout plans are taken care of for you, you've organised your working day and your Family life to be able to fit in an exercise regime that allows you to be human, but what about the dreaded food prep?

Are you guilty of running out of time or lacking the motivation to prepare healthy meals? And is this the one area that is holding you back from achieving your goals?

Perhaps it's time to try Meal Planning and Preparation!

#1 - Frees up Time

Yup, it means spending one or two days a week preparing the foods that are needed or the meals for the week or part of the week, but there are many benefits as well. Meal planning and preparation gives you the freedom of not having to fully prepare your meals each day or of not having to prepare them at all on the day.

#2 - Saves Making Non-Ideal Choices

Prepared meals means less chance that you'll buy choices on the run or that you'll choose something that's quick and easy but not necessarily what your body needs.

#3 - Keeps you on Track

Being able to reach into the fridge and grab a healthy pre-prepared meal allows you to plan the nutrition that your body needs to stay in optimal health.

There's also ways of keeping it interesting!

#1 - Start a Foodie Group

Meal prep'ing usually means making larger batches of meals, start or join a group of likeminded people who pre-prepare their meals and do swaps. Prepare your half week or week's worth of meals and then organise to swap out meals in your group.

#2 - Stock Up

Prepare meals that are freezer friendly and mark your meals with the cooking date. This way you know exactly when they should be used by and always have a quantity of meals to select incase life get's hectic.

#3 - Opt for Meal Delivery Services

There are a number of Company's that prepare and deliver straight to your door. They cater for a range of eating styles and contents and take all the work out of it besides selecting your actual meals.

And don't forget, a Registered Sports Nutritionist is qualified and capable of providing you with meal plans that will take the guess work out of it for you.

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