WOD stands for "Workout Of the Day". It is on this page that you will be able to see the WOD for the upcoming day.


RX = Required Movement and Weight. This option means you'll be performing all the movements the way it is written. 

SCALED = Regressed movements to suit someone who cannot perform the RX. This option isn't an easier option as you still feel the exact same way the RX members do. It just means that you will be able to finish the WOD and say that you have given it your all.

M = Modified. Modified movements or WODs are for the people who can do a bit of the scaled option and a bit of the RX option. This just means that the required WOD has been changed to suit the person's needs. If you are nursing an injury, recovering from an old injury or someone who cannot perform certain movements in the WOD, please ask the Coach to give you an alternative. 


Regardless of whether you are an RX person or a scaled person, we are proud of you NO MATTER WHAT!  

All scores for your sessions will be accessible via WodHopper.